Patient Guide

  • What is infertility?

    In simple words infertility means any couple who are unable to have children despite trying for 1 year and not using any contraception.

  • Whom to contact?

    If having infertility or eager to have children, please refer to an infertility or IVF specialist.

  • What all test are done initially?

    Some tests are essential before starting any hormonal medicines for conceiving.

    For Females:

    • Hysterosalpingography or tube test-It is a simple test in which a dye is pushed from your cervix in uterus which spills through your fallopian tubes.And then an x-ray is taken.It checks the patency of your tubes.

      If both tubes are blocked you can either go for laproscopy procedure for opening your tubes or an IVF procedure after consulting your ivf specialist.
    • Antemullerian hormone(AMH) - It is a blood test to know the the ovarian reserve or how your eggs are forming.It can be done on any day of your menstrual cycle.

      Normal value is 2-6pg/ml

      If less than 1 then patient is counselled for egg donation.
    • Hormonal tests-Thyroid and prolactin status is also important
    • Transvaginal ultrasound(TVS)-An ultrasound is required to know whether ur uterus ,ovaries and tubes are normal and there is no pathology.

      Laproscopy and hysteroscopy is required if TVS shows any pathology or patient has bleeding problems.Laproscopic chromotubation is when tubes patency is tested by laproscope.

    For Males:

    • Semen Analysis-After 2 days of abstinence ,by masturbation semen is collected in sterile containers and sent to lab for evaluation.
    • Semen culture-To know any infection in semen

    If sperm count is low (OLIGOSPERMIA) then consult an andrologist.

    He may get you BLOOD TEST-that is serum FSH.LH AND TESTOSTERONE and prescribe you tablets accordingly.

    If sperm count is NIL(AZOSPERMIA)-After evaluation with an andrologist and a biopsy or FNAC done shows spermatogenesis then the male partner can undergo TESE OR TESA PROCEDURE.

  • What are fertility days?

    According to new guidelines the couple should have intercourse every alternate day to have children.

  • When to have IUI?

    If all tests are normal ,then after 3 cyles of trying normally by natural intercourse ,if patient doesn't conceive then go for in IUI (INTRAUTERINE INSEMINATION)

  • When to have an IVF OR TEST TUBE BABY?

    • After undergoing 4 cycles of IUI if patient doesn't conceive then he requires an IVF.
    • Fallopian tubes are blocked
    • Sperm count is nil or low
    • Patients eggs are not forming then requires egg donation with IVF.
  • Any food items increases fertility?

    • Healthy food increases your fertility and the weight should be normal
    • Exercise too increases your fertility.
    • Alcohol and smoking is bad for both male and female.